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Call Uthaya Kya?

You don't think about it, until it happens to you.
But we don't talk about it, even if it does.

Toh Baat Yeh Hui...

Our man Hasan found a dating profile he liked.
'Its a match!'
Conversation begins and off we go!

But wait a minute...
'Pooja' wants a video call.
Tring Tring Triiiiiiing.
'Decline' or 'Accept', what to do?

Many of us risk-averse folks would press 'Decline',
Some 'Accept' because they believe.
Curious cats like Hasan tap 'Record' and then 'Accept'.

Aur aage? Chalo ji, aap bhi swipe down karo! 


News report about sextortion

Chal Kya Raha Hai?

We looked some more into the digital dating fraud scene, as our first use case.

It's not pretty.

Aur yeh toh sirf shuruwaat hai.


Nek Iraade

Thanks to the C3 grant by Goethe-Marx Institut, we're building a sandbox, a simulation if you will, to help people learn how to safeguard themselves in their digital worlds.

As humans learn more through experience than anecdotes,
So we take you on an interactive journey, you'll remember.

Smarter and informed decisions, coz it's the 21st century
Ghaat ghaat ka paani peena ab itna zaroori nai hai. 

Our team

Hasan S

Hasan is a new media artist, creative technologist and educator working with critical concerns around technology, AI and tangible interfaces.

Radhapriya Gupta

Radhapriya Gupta aka Noni-Mouse is a left-of-center, electronica artist, film composer and sound artist, based in Mumbai, India.

Ojaswi Gupta

Ojasvi consults at the intersection of tech, design and user behaviour and is currently working with Capability Network at Accenture as a Senior Analyst.

Nayanika Chatterjee

Nayanika is an animator, illustrator and storyteller from India. She is a recent animation graduate at the Royal College of Art in London.

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